i dropped
the honeypot
and it flew into a million shreds!
it didn’t.
why would it?

it happened like


and then
the calm and quiet
of honey
slid slowly
the tiled
carrying the glass
along with it.














1. Finding a new city to move to.
2. Finding a temporary apartment to live in in Dallas (that I can afford!) until I can find a place to move long term.
3. Finding a job that I enjoy.
4. Finding a job that I enjoy and then fucking it up terribly.
5. Making enough money at that job to facilitate a move.
6. The fact that moving away from my family means I may never learn how to be close with them.
7. The possibility that I might become such a stress case that I drive everyone in my general vicinity insane, and my boyfriend will dump me.
8. The hood of my car flying open on the highway. (The latch hasn’t been sticking properly.)
9. That if I don’t join a gym soon I will start to resemble a beluga whale.
10. That sometimes, I am kind of a terrible person.



Solid advice, that.

So, during this break from school and work, from general responsibilities of varying sorts, I’ve done quite a bit of drifting. I finally feel like I’m back in a level head-space. This is a good thing. This means you shall hear from me soon, world.

Image via A Softer World

Folks, it’s been a very long week so far and it’s only Monday…

By Mark Brazaitis

But the news isn’t all bad.
Global warming, the Discovery Channel
informs us, makes certain wines taste better,
which means that in twenty years
we might all be vintners. And if grapes are
all we’ll be able to grow (on our roofs,
as the deluge swirls around us), well,
if you had to pick one fruit — or vegetable, even —
to live on for the rest of your life,
wouldn’t you pick the grape? All right,
so I’ll miss apples, oranges, pears, and plums.
I’ll miss carrots and cucumbers
and the occasional mouthful of spinach.
But raise your hand if you’ll mourn Brussels sprouts.
Our economy will be entirely wine-based,
with taxes paid in fluid ounces.
Drunk-driving laws will have to be revised, of course.
And the drinking age will be lowered
to three.
This is a future we should celebrate:
a wine bar in every house,
every house a wine bar!
Lift your glasses, let us toast —
to wine!
And let’s drink again —
to wine!
And again —
and again!
You see: Before long, we won’t remember
what we’re missing.

I would definitely not miss Brussels sprouts.

Poem via The Sun Magazine
Image via We Heart It

Check out this video for Familjen’s “Det snurrar i min skalle.” It won a Swedish Grammy in 2007 for best video, and consists of re-edited footage of a Pentecostal gathering in the 60s. The preacher is a legendary (if you keep up with the Swedes and/or Pentecostals, that is) Swedish revivalist reverend, Målle Lindberg. My favorite part has got to be the editing of the seizure at the chorus. Fantastic.

Here are the lyrics, roughly translated to English (I left the ellipses in just because they help me follow along with the Swedish.)

I… started a fire for you
And now the whole forest is on fire.
Now… I know what you’re going to say,
And it feels just like the first time.
Come… let’s show them that its us two,
But everyone already knows.
Out… you run away with me,
Yeah can you hear them singing?

As if… everything was predetermined
As the earth revolving around the sun.
Who… would have been able to take my place?
He simply doesn’t exist.
They… talk of something wonderful;
I’m there to tell the story.
Large… larger than I ever imagined.
The inside of my head is  spinning.

*repeat verse 1*

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

“Happiness makes us older, less romantic, less in need of dreams. Discontent, not happiness, is the food of youth and poetry.”                     – Nan Fairbrother

Exhibit C:

(David Byrne interviewing PJ Harvey. Two of my most favorite people collide.)

I don’t know about you, but I tend to side more with Nan than with PJ on this one, although “safety,” “stability,” and “contentment” are certainly 3 different things.

Image via A Softer World

Alright, here’s my spiel. Usually I find indie-ish covers and/or sampling of pop/rap songs, e.g. Ben Kweller’s “Ice Ice Baby,” or that god-awful “Boyz in the Hood” cover by Dynamite Hack, to be quite obnoxious. It’s bad bad the other way around too, e.g. that bizarre new rap song that samples “Hide and Seek,” but somehow I find that sort of thing more tolerable. But really. Ugh. There’s just something so kitschy and unoriginal about cross-genre covers. That joke has been played people, and it’s not funny anymore. I’m not sure it ever was. (OK, confession: I did REALLY love when Eminem sampled Dido in “Stan.” But c’mon, I was 12 then. “Spice World” was still in frequent rotation in my boom-box. Wait, back up, I was listening to “Stan” on my BOOM-BOX. I even remember recording it off the radio onto a cassette tape. Case closed.)

All of that being said, Antony Hegarty is so freaking amazing that I don’t even care. He can cover whatever the hell he wants and I will happily listen, even if what he wants happens to be one of my least favorite Beyoncé songs. Same goes for Cat Power, Iron & Wine, and a million other artists who don’t suck. I mean, I love a good cover when it’s done right. I guess what it all boils down to, is that I’m crazy in love with this video:

Just for good measure:

I absolutely adore this song by Danish band The Rumour Said Fire, even the with the scraggly harmonica player who’s  doing the really intense i-can-only-sing-good-with-my-eyes-closed thing that usually annoys me.

Plus, my ex-boyfriend’s half-sister is the blonde chick who interviewed them that you can see at 3:27, so yeah, I guess you could say we’re practically acquainted. There is one moment that I found a bit, jarring however, and that was the use the word “retards” at 1:37. Maybe it’s just me, or perhaps it’s a cultural thing, but something about that word in a fairly serious, melodic, acoustic song sounded WRONG. Otherwise, beautiful.

There are no words for how much I am loving Yeasayer right now. Listening to some of their better songs gives me a feeling something akin to the nervous excitement I feel before stepping on a plane, combined with the easy joy I feel knowing that a loved one will be waiting when I step off. (In fact, the first time I listened to Yeasayer I was headed back to Copenhagen after a brief stint in Bulgaria. Perhaps this has something to do with it?) In any case, it’s good stuff.


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